The online guest accommodation marketing course

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The objective of this course is straight forward – Get more money out of your existing facilities.

“More nights booked” obviously leads straight to more income. You may have a seasonal business, or you may operate year-round. You may focus on weekends. Whatever it is – we will show you how you can maximise the number of bookings that you get.

“People staying for longer” clearly means extra revenue – but it also means savings. Savings on laundry, savings on cleaning costs, savings on welcome gifts and toiletries and savings on other costs. It also means an increased chance that guests will use your restaurant or other paid-for amenities. You can build a report with people who stay longer – and this report leads to better scores on the booking channels. And that leads to more bookings.

“People booking direct” saves you the or other Online-Travel -Agent fees. It is great to have people book direct – especially if they are staying three or more nights.

Most people only have a few weeks in a year when they are on a proper holiday. They are very careful about how they spend those few weeks as they are very precious. Once people have chosen where to go – they will start to think about where they will stay. And that’s where this course comes in. We will help you to make your place the obvious location for the best possible stay.

15 minutes a day

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By completing the course you will get

More Nights Booked

More Nights = More Income

Guests Stay Longer

Make savings and increase the chance that guests will use your restaurant and other paid-for amenities. 

More Direct Bookings

Saves you the or other Online-Travel-Agent fees. 

Earn more for each night booked.

And you will get this in just 15 minutes a day